What does a Bearings Mechanic (615A) do?

Bearings Mechanics disassemble, inspect, repair, and clean bearings, seals, and chocks.

Job Related Skills, Interests and Values

  • Preparing oral and written reports including inventory requisitions
  • Reading and interpreting technical literature, manufacturer's specifications, and engineering drawings
  • Using and maintaining hand tools, power tools, and precision measuring equipment
  • Setting up and using machine tools, such as lathes, drills, grinders, saws and hydraulic presses
  • Identifying and using metals, alloys, and non-metallic materials
  • Selecting and applying lubricants
  • Welding, brazing, and soldering

What Preparation and Training Do You Need?

  • Secondary school diploma required; those past grade 10 can apply to OYAP
  • While not mandatory, completion of a 6,000-hour apprenticeship, including a combination of on-the-job and in-school training, is recommended

What's Your Future as a Bearings Mechanic (615A)?

  • Generally 40 hours/week in shifts; strong possibility of overtime and weekend work
  • Working with heavy tools in oily, greasy, and hot industrial environments
  • Potential employers include motor vehicle parts manufacturers and machinery and equipment manufacturers

Wage Rate

Apprentice wage increases with skill and experience. Fully qualified workers average $14.00-$18.00 per hour.


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