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Applicant registration for the service was re-enabled on April 10, 2015. We ask our users to be patient as we restore service capacity, as there will be a delay in processing new registrations.

Please continue to visit — we will provide further updates about our next steps in the weeks ahead.

The team would like to thank our financial supporter and our group of trusted advisors who have made this restoration of service possible. We look forward to once again serving the skilled trades community across Ontario.

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If no, please visit About Trades.

4. Do you have hands-on experience in the trade you are interested in exploring, either through working (either as a registered apprentice or in a related role) participation in the Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program or coop, pre-apprenticeship training or community college courses?

5. Are you prepared to actively search for work now and accept employment?

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If you have answered 'No' to more than one of the questions above, there are some preparation you need to do before registering and posting a profile with Exposing your profile to potential employers now could negatively affect your chances of finding a career in the skilled trades.

Please contact the Local Administrator in your geographic area for assistance. The Local Administrator can help you establish goals, assist with resume preparation, and link you to the appropriate community partner to get you on the right track!

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