Skilled Trade Network


Apprentices and Job Seekers in Toronto and Area

Are you a resident of Toronto or the surrounding area and looking for a site dedicated to providing information about the skilled trades?

Are you unsure about what is the best career for you but think the skilled trades might be right?

Now, all this information is available in partnership with the Toronto Workforce Innovation Group.



Community Colleges:

A listing of local colleges that provide various courses in the skilled trades throughout the G.T.A.

Courses - Apprenticeship related:

Information regarding local courses to help you secure an apprenticeship, including
pre-apprenticeship, college co-op apprenticeship and skills upgrading programs

Service Providers:

Where are the employment resource centres in Toronto and how can they help me get a job. These links will clarify all your questions about employment programs and help centres

Unions & Associations/Sector Councils:

Find all the information you need about trade associations, union training and hiring halls, and industry sector councils that provide local training and hiring initiatives to help job seekers get apprenticeships



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