• http://www.jobskills.org

    JobSkills offers employability assistance programs and services throughout the Peel Halton Dufferin region to a wide range of clients

  • http://www.mtectraining.com

    Malton Training and Employment Centre website

  • http://ymcahbb.ca/Programs/Categories/Employment-Services

    Burlington and Hamilton YMCA site devloted to assisting young people find work; includes job postings and information about pre-apprenticeship programs

  • http://www.tcet.com

    The Centre for Education and Training offers career and employment services, high school credits and upgrading, computer training, language training and assessment, business and corporate training, as well as training for teachers

  • http://www.thecentre.on.ca

    The Centre for Skills Development and Training offers a number of programs and courses for job seekers, including some pre-apprenticeship programs

  • http://www.peelhaltonworkforce.com/

    Peel-Halton-Dufferin Training Board website - check out the Inventory of Employment Programs and Services, Local Initiatives, Virtual Library and an Environmental Scan of Peel-Halton-Dufferin

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