What does an Information Technology Network Technician Do?

Information Technology Network Technicians (634C) support clients in the use of computer applications and operating systems, install hardware, software, and network components, and troubleshoots information systems.

Job Related Skills, Interests and Values

  • installs, maintains, and configures client workstations
  • installs, configures, and maintains network servers connected by a local area network.
  • troubleshoots network errors
  • implements security networks
  • applies technical knowledge of data communications, standards, protocols, and internet working concepts.
  • creates and maintains network documentation
  • requests and maintains vendor proposals for networking solutions

Additional information on training standards for this particular trades in the Service sector may be found on the Ontario College of Trades (OCOT) website at: http://www.collegeoftrades.ca/wp-content/uploads/TS-IT_NetworkTechnician634C_EN.pdf

What Preparation and Training Do You Need?

To become an Information Technology Network Technician, you must complete Grade 12 with your secondary school diploma before entering an apprenticeship program of 6,340 hours duration as well as two blocks (12 weeks each) of in-school theory training. You must also successfully complete the required examinations and hours of employment in order to be awarded a Certificate of Qualifications (C of Q). This is the minimum to be apprenticed in this trade under the (OCTAA) Ontario College of Trades Apprenticeship Act (2009). Please note that minimum entry requirements to this and other trades are currently under review by the Ontario College of Trades.

If you are currently attending high school, you may benefit from enroling in an Information and Communications Technology Specialist High Skills Major Program. For more information, please click on the following link:


What’s Your Future as an Information Technology Network Technician?

Most workers in this trade work full-time, often in shift work, and can commonly be employed in offices and schools.  Those who complete apprenticeships in this trade will be well prepared to become a supervisor for a new apprentice, or to assume a management role in their company. 

Wage Rate

  • As an apprentice you would start at a wage rate less than that of a journeyperson
  • This rate gradually increases as you gain in competency 
  • Fully qualified I.T. Network Technicians would like earn $30,000 or more, some employers may offer benefits and opportunities for overtime.


Ask Yourself: Is working as an Information Technology Network Technician for You?

Can you diagnose and repair computer problems?

Yes      No

Are you versed in the use of networks and the internet?

Yes      No

Do you enjoy figuring out what’s wrong with something, and then fixing it?

Yes      No

Do you enjoy keeping up with and learning about new technology?

Yes      No

Do you able to develop a plan to deal with daily time demands?

Yes      No

Can you connect new computers to an existing network?

Yes      No

If you answered Yes to most of these questions, a career as an Information Technology Network Technician may be for you!

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