What Does a Pump Systems Installer Do?

A Pump Systems Installer (263F) installs, services and repairs various types of pump systems including piston, centrifugal, deep and shallow-well jet, submersible and vertical turbine pumps found on the surface and in wells. Pump System Installers only work on outside pipes running to and from buildings. Any work done on pipes inside a building must be done by qualified plumbers or steamfitters.

Job Related Skills, Interests and Values

  • reading blueprints, diagrams and schematic drawings
  • operating hoisting and lifting devices to position machinery and parts during the installation, set-up and repair of machinery
  • cleaning, lubricating and performing other routine maintenance work on machinery
  • following all applicable safety codes and regulations
  • being well-versed in piping and electrical theory
  • keeping up with modern pump technology

Additional information on training standards for this particular trade in the Industrial sector may be found on the Ontario College of Trades (OCOT) website at: http://www.collegeoftrades.ca/trades/training-standards1/industrial

What Preparation and Training Do You Need?

To become a Pump Systems Installer you should complete your Grade 12 education or ministry-approved equivalent (GED) with credits in math, science and communication. Students who have not yet completed high school but are 16 years of age and completed grade 10 can apply to the Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program (OYAP) and gain work hours towards their overall apprenticeship.

Pump Systems Installer is an Voluntary certified trade and does not require a Certificate of Apprenticeship. However, completing an apprenticeship program will increase your wages and employment opportunities. To become a Pump Systems Installer, it is recommended that you complete apprenticeship training of 4,000 hours of combined in-class and on-the-job training. The in-school component is comprised of two 6-week blocks. You must also be willing to keep up to date with new skills and technology in the field.  This is the minimum to be apprenticed in this trade under the (OCTAA) Ontario College of Trades Apprenticeship Act (2009). Please note that minimum entry requirements to this and other trades are currently under review by the Ontario College of Trades.

What’s Your Future as a Pump Systems Installer?

Pump Systems Installers primarily work in industrial or construction settings. Most jobs involve shift work, and when the deadline for a project is approaching, overtime is often needed. Employers who hire Pump Systems Installers include:

  • Residential building developers 
  • Building construction firms 
  • Construction site maintenance firms 

Wage Rate

  • As an Apprentice you earn less than a Journeyperson
  • this rate increases gradually as you acquire skills and gain competency
  • A fully qualified Pump Systems Installer can earn in a range of $19 to $30 per hour or more, excluding overtime.

Ask Yourself: Is Working as a Pump Systems Installer for You?


Are you able to do a lot of bending, stooping, kneeling or heavy lifting?

Yes      No

Do you enjoy working with tools, equipment and machinery?

Yes      No

Are you able to follow blueprints or a diagram?

Yes      No

Would you be able to put in the extra effort to meet a project deadline?

Yes      No

Do you have the physical stamina to do strenuous demanding physical work?

Yes      No

Do you mind being exposed to heavy levels of noise and dirt?

Yes      No

Do you like to diagnose problems and find solutions?

Yes      No

If you answered Yes to most of these questions, a career as a Pump Systems Installer may be for you!

You may also want to explore other careers that require similar interests and skills, such as:

  • General Machinist
  • Industrial Mechanic Millwright
  • Plumber

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