What Does a Reinforcing Rodworker Do?

A Reinforcing Rodworker (452A) reinforces concrete. To do this, they fabricate, handle, sort, cut, bend, rig, place, burn, weld and tie all materials used to reinforce the concrete, including steel. They then install the steel and accessories in the building of all types of concrete structures including bridges, reservoirs, buildings, sewers and highways.

Additional information on training standards for this particular trade in the Construction sector can be found on the Ontario College of Trades(OCOT)  website at: www.collegeoftrades.ca/trades/training-standards1/construction.

Job Related Skills, Interests and Values

  • using and maintaining power tools
  • reading and interpreting blueprints
  • measuring and fabricating reinforcing materials including steel
  • rigging, hoisting and placing reinforcing steel
  • installing post tensioning tendons
  • stress and grout post-tensioning tendons
  • observing safety in accordance with government and company standards

What Preparation and Training Do You Need?

You should preferably have a secondary school diploma this is usually required by employers and unions today, but grade 10 is currently the legal minimum to be apprenticed in this trade under the Ontario College of Trades Apprenticeship Act (2009). Please note that minimum entry requirements to this and other trades are currently under review by the Ontario College of Trades. Completion of a 4,400 hour apprenticeship will include a combination of on-the-job and in-school training, before successfully writing an examination to obtain your Certificate. You should have courses in Mathematics, Science and English.

Reinforcing Rodworkers should possess good hand strength to succeed in this field. This is a voluntary trade and therefore does not require an apprenticeship though many employers require it. To achieve success in this trade you should be willing to update your skills with the newest techniques.

What’s Your Future as a Reinforcing Rodworker?

Reinforcing Rodworkers generally work a 40-hour week, either in residential, commercial or industrial settings. Some Reinforcing Rodworkers are self-employed and successfully run their own businesses. You may be required to work either indoors or outside in a variety of weather and frequently lift or carry heavy objects.

Employers who hire Reinforcing Rodworkers include:

  • Construction companies
  • Residential and industrial building developers
  • Masonry contractors

Wage Rate

  • An Apprentice earns less than a Journeyperson, but as your skills and expertise improve, your wage increases
  • Wages for fully qualified Reinforcing Rodworkers vary on average from a low of $20.00/hr to a high of -$37.00 per hour, depending on the geographic location they work in


Ask Yourself: Is Working as a Reinforcing Rodworker For You?

Do you have good manual dexterity, an eye for detail, and enjoy working with your hands in creative ways?

Yes      No

Do you have the physical strength to manipulate heavy materials?

Yes      No

Are you interested in construction?

Yes      No

Do you mind working at heights?

Yes      No

Do you like welding?

Yes      No

Do you like working outdoors in various weather conditions?

Yes      No

Are you willing to travel from job to job?

Yes      No

If you answered Yes to most of these questions, a career as a Reinforcing Rodworker may be for You!

You may also want to explore other careers that require similar interests and skills, such as:

  • Cement Mason
  • Cement (Concrete) Finisher
  • Ironworker
  • Welder
  • Bricklayer
  • Construction Craftworker


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